Emerald, Part II

Emerald suggested.

It’s my first stab at the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, so my enthusiasm got the best of me. Next time, I’ll keep it down to one (famous last words…). This number obviously has a lot more going on than emerald, and like all the colors, there is room for debate about whether or not “emerald” is really in this mix. But squint, and you’ll see it.

*The socks are worn over the leggings, thereby giving me that specific color. I do that with these super cheap Piece of Candy pieces a lot; get a bunch and you can double or triple your color fun. How groovy is that?


Emerald – 52 Weeks of Color

She be green

Inspired by Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, I’m throwing my hat into the ring for the first time at lucky number 13 – Week 13, that is. Emerald is the word (01/29 – 02/04). This little number here is tres vert (blindingly green), no matter what name you give it. It’s really old, too. I can’t remember when the heck I picked it up, but it was eons ago, as time is reckoned in Second Life, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and all that. Blaze still exists, of course, but I couldn’t tell you if you can still get this particular suit or how much it might be.

The scarf action going on at the neck is a piece from a *Latte* beige sweater that I messed around with until it was a passable shade of green. I applied the same trick to the (originally black) ][AV][ shoulder bag. Not sure I’ll kill quite so much time doing that sort of thing again.

Out of the shadows.

Still got a ways to go, but it's a start.

Oh… so that’s how they do it… the shadows, that is. I downloaded Kirstens Viewer, and thar those shadows (and depth of field) be. I don’t have a graphics card spankin’ spiffy enough for the process to be anything less than painfully cumbersome, so I don’t know that I’ll be using it all that much yet, but it’s cool to have the option.

I have Strawberry Singh’s tutorial to thank for this new way to waste massive amounts of time. She does a great job walking through the steps. Though not for everyone, it’s perfect for those of us who are not technical wizards, but who know just about enough to make us dangerous.

Yes, people really did used to wear stuff like this.

And check out these crazy shoes. They’re from an in world maker/seller of historical reproduction chopines, appropriately enough called Chopine’s. The prim feet and ankles are a little hard to work with (for someone of marginal skill, such as moi), but they’re funkilicious for pictures when I have time to Photoshop my sizing & texturing clumsiness.


Beware the bunnies.

Testing out my flickr
This is fun and all, but it’s also a pain in the kazoo. Just trying to insert a photo from flickr has made me tear my hair out. It was straight forward enough on a blogspot blog I used to have, with photos saved to picasa, but I go to insert this picture’s flickr url in the field, and WordPress just give me a nasty ol’ red X: “Nope…. can’t do that, kiddo… sorry.”
But, I can post from flickr to the blog if I start at the flickr end and ‘share’ the picture using “Blog it’, so here it is. Not ideal, because it doesn’t have the same captioning feature, but it will do.

We’re all winners…

Not a winner, but giving the ol' college try.

She’s a winner

SecondSnap Modeling Studio's <10L contest winner

Just won me a prize for best stylin’ from SecondSnap’s under 10L contest. Yea, bay-bee.

Let’s pretend we’re hard

The metaverse's a tough place. Keep it unreal.