Bathing Beauty

The Back Story.

There’s something about a rich red and a pale turquoise together that’s just really appealing. When the red challenge came up (Week 15 of Luna Jubilee’s 52 Week’s of Color), I went there without thinking about what I was doing. I more consciously figured that the challenge + Valentines Day confluence would mean lots of ballgowns and slexy night out ensembles. Consequently, I went with a old-fashioned bathing suit (which is dubbed a “bodysuit” by the shop, but whatever).

And what a funny coincidence that the week 16 challenge will be teal (close enough to turquoise for a galloping horse, I say). Check out the door to the right of the phone booth… great minds think alike, what?

Finally, dig, I mean dig the crazy shoes, daddio. They make me feel like digging into the box of Valentines goodies an evil friend gave me this week.


Now, I suspect to really be in the spirit of the color challenge, we should restrict ourselves to one look, but my friend Uma (who does not do the photogblog thing, instead imposing herself on me from time to time) got all, “Oh! Oh! I wanna do this! I wanna do this!”

I may have said phooey to gowns and over-the-top romance, but Uma was all about the gown. She picked up a couple of these Izzie numbers during this past December’s “Season’s Hunt,” and has been wanting an excuse to play in the red (the other is a delicious mossy green). So, go Uma!

The Goods on Etoile.
The Goods on Uma.

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