Dressing for low lag success.

Dressing for low lag success 1
Keeping the rendering costs low, and still feeling decent

The Back Story.

The hype around the Vanity Universe Skin Fair is intense, and that means everybody and her alt wants to get in. When you do manage to finally score a spot on the bus, you’ll get a warning notice to tone down your prims, scripts, AOs and gadgets that result in a high rendering cost. The higher the rendering cost — and the more people insisting on wearing their flowing locks, killer shoes, and I-have-to-pee animation overrides — the worse the lag will be. Chances are, you won’t even be able to see anything but shadows of gray. Take it all off, peeps.nekked2

That doesn’t mean you have to run around buck nekked like this gal did. In fact, with some basic clothes on, I had a rendering cost less than hers (100 on me vs 115 or so on her).

No, put’cher drawers on, darlings. I’m posting this to illustrate that it is possible to look kinda cute without lagging up the joint or otherwise looking like a total pinhead — at least cute enough for a high traffic area where no one is paying any attention to you, anyway, because they’re all getting ga-ga over skins.

“What are these ‘rendering costs’ she speaks of,” some of you less technologically inclined might be asking (and I’m pretty low-scale on the techie meter myself; there was a day when I didn’t know rendering costs from a hole in the ground).

The ARC (avatar rendering cost) is a point score, explains the Second Life wiki on the subject, showing how “costly” it is for a graphics card to render an avatar. You can think of it like this; the more junk you have on, the more energy it takes to render you. As the wiki explains, it’s not the last word on what makes a place laggy or not, but you can be sure that if everyone at the Skin Fair kept her (or his) point score to 150 or less, the lag wouldn’t be so awful.

It doesn’t take much to drive your cost up, either. Here’s a little outfit I put on with no hair, no AO, nuthin’. Wearing the prims that make for the flowy bits, my cost was driven up to 4,903.
Dressing for low lag success 4

Taking those flowy bits off and just wearing the piece like a little jumper, I went down to 100. That doesn’t look so bad, does it?

Dressing for low lag success 3
Cute at 100.

Dressing for low lag success 2
It’s so freeing.

The Goods.
  • Hair: Analog Dog – Hair Base tattoo – 0L
  • Skin: Tuli – Sayuri w/ freckles

Look #1:

  • Shirt: Willow~ – shirt from romper set – 0L (former hunt item)
  • Shorts: Coco – Denim Shorts – 0L (group gift)

Look #2 (not the naked chick):

  • Dress/romper: Snowpaws – Tangerine – 0L (former group gift)

Look #3:

  • Top: Icing – Angel Food Cake (part of outfit) – 0L (former lucky board)
  • Shorts: Hani – Myroom Pants – 0L

Look #4:

5 thoughts on “Dressing for low lag success.

  1. Love the post Etoile. I had this contest with a couple of friends awhile ago and I was able to get the ARC down to 10 and my friend got it to 7. But avatars alone do not cause all of the lag. It’s also of course all the prims, the background, and even the size of the texture used on the prims. Even if you take a 1024×1024 or 512×512 texture and place it on a .5 flat square prim, your computer still renders it as the original size. Designers would be doing us all a favor by using smaller textures on each one of their signs (such as makeup choices, skin tone selections, etc). Ever notice some stores rez faster than others even tho they may have more primage and traffic present? Those are the designers who use 256×256, 128×128 or smaller on their signs.
    Of course I STILL CAN’T GET IN, so I can’t tell at the Skin Fair. Just sayin.

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