Asphalt Jungle.

Walking the mean streets.

The Back Story.

It’s been pretty cold in my neck fo the woods, and while I’m itching for spring, dressing for the frigid months is my favorite thing, and I know I’m going to miss it. I picked up so much booty this season, I’ll never get through it all.

Na ja. Really, I just wanted to take some photogs in this cool sim, Urban Ville. And the pipe, oh the pipe. Plus there was the incentive to try out some Windlight settings I downloaded from Strawberry Singh and Celebrity Trollop.

Not having any luck with the shadows bit on my Mac, as per S’berry’s tutorial, btw. When I get to the part where I’m supposed to select Rendering>Lighting & Shadows in the Develop menu, those items are shaded gray and I can’t select them. If anyone knows what the heck I’m talking about, whisper sweets nothings re. the trick I’m missing.




The Goods.

2 thoughts on “Asphalt Jungle.

  1. Sighs. I have a mac too and I can’t get shadows to work either. Funny thing is that although it is greyed out for me in Viewer 2.5 which I normally don’t use, being a Phoenix user, two of the things are ticked under there. Trilobyte Zanzibar who has a macbookpro with nvidea 9600 just like me says he can and he made a video about it. Those options are not grey for him.

    • Thanks so much for that. I’ll check it out tomorrow. Two of the items are ticked for me, too, but I suspect that not being to access them either way must be related to the persistence of the no shadows. Cheers!

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