Fendi colors. Milan Fashion Week.

Fendi Virtual - FW Milan3
Gots to find me a hotel.

The Back Story.

I was following The Sartorialist‘s feedback on Milan’s Fashion Week featuring the Fall 2011 lines. Scott Shuman, the Sartorialist, largely has a mission to shoot street style, focusing his camera on the way people wear fashion on the street in their everyday lives, as opposed to loping, strutting or scissor-walking down the runway. Mind you, those folk he photographs on the streets are dapper dandies of the first water, not schlumps shuffling around in pajama pants and Uggs because they’re too poor, too depressed and/or too unimaginative to give their daily attire much thought. No, these are people with very refined aesthetic sensibilities, and many of them are employed in the couture fashion industry in one way or another. Shumann aims to capture people as designers might see them, he explains, but it’s something of a closed little world he’s operating in; fashion industry workers absorb the design house trends and the designers reabsorb their own creations as interpreted by the very people who work with and for them in one great, closed corporate feedback loop.

But I digress. My intention here is to virtually interpret the potential street interpretation of the couture lines, and I’m starting with the Fendi/Karl Lagerfeld collaboration, dubbed “the winner” of the week by the New York Times. On the face of it, it’s one great pile of neutrals with skirts longer than I’ve seen in quite some time. The Sartorialist, however, zeroed in on the use of color pops in that vast sea of navy and gray, taupe, brown, beige and black. He says that we, too, us plebes on the streets, could use that as inspiration without having to plunk down the moola it would take to really wrap ourselves in Kaiser Karl’s robes of state. Agreed. When reaching for the accessories to top off your plain brown tweedy skirt, reach for some orange tights, your yellowest shoes and maybe throw on a Prussian blue sweater. My look here is a little more quiet than that, and the hemline of this lenin romper far too short, but it gets more or less into the spirit of things.

Fendi Virtual - FW Milan4

Fendi Virtual - FW Milan1

Fendi Virtual - FW Milan1

Alas, as you can see, I hit Paris on my way to Milan, and it was kind of late, so I just stopped there. I guess when I pick a look or two to interpret from the Paris shows, I’ll catch a train down to Milan for my little photoshoot.

The Goods.

A quick word on rompers; like shoes with heels over three inches, they are something quite wearable in the metaverse that’s quite the pain in the kazoo in RL. I suspect the fashion houses are ready to move on from the romper thing of recent seasons, but the onesie theme may be with us for some time yet to come in SL.

Techie Note.

I had to move and rotate the leg prims of the rompers around a bit to make them sit right, and there are still bits poking out when standing in certain positions seen from certain angles. Skinny-ing your legs way down might help (as if mine here aren’t pushing too skinny already), but who wants the woman with the skinny legs?


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