The basic Rochas idea. Paris Fashion Week.

Rochas Idea
Karzai’s name may be mud in Afghanistan, but he’d still be chic in Paris.

The Back Story.

At their Paris Fashion Week show, Rochas was all over the karakul hat, the “furgina” made famous and chic by Hamid Karzai.

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Hamid Karzai’s Fashionable Hat
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Over a year ago, the New York Times said this hat was so over, at least in Afghanistan. In Paris of March 2011, however, it’s the bomb. Alas, Second Life is closer to Afghanistan on this one. I searched and searched and come up nil. The closest I could get was a handful of garrison caps. The one pictured here is a very rudimentary one sold via the Marketplace, and you have to be willing and able to add textures to it yourself in order to make it something approaching interesting. Give me RL fabric and an RL sewing machine, and I’ll do you something quite respectable, but I know next to nuzing, dahlink, about making virtual clothes.

Designers’ challenge: make a decent Persian lamb karakul/Karzai hat. In multiple colors, please, or better yet, color changeable.

Rochas Idea

The Goods.

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