Prussian Blue, my darlings.

Prussian blue in London

The Back Story.

During London’s Fashion Week last month, The Sartorialist kept running into this gold and blue combo. It was noteworthy because of its pervasiveness and specificity. He wondered what name might be given that shade of blue. Oh come now, Mr. Schuman. That’s Prussian blue, don’t you know. He got some 450 or so reply comments, half of them calling “teal” on that critter. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. There were a few throwing their chips in with “petroleum” or “petrol blue,” but I say that’s just a new word for Prussian blue reflecting our early 21st century sensibilities and lived realities.

Prussian blue. Easy call. Pats on the head to all the respondents who got it right after the initial mad cries of “Teal!”

Later in Milan, hints of the schema could be seen poking through the Prada line, and in Paris, Hermes tried it on for size.

Here’s a go of the street version (as was seen doing its organic thing in London) for us kids in the cheap seats in Second Life.


The Goods.

  • Hair: Dura – Valentine’s Day Group Gift – 0L
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Hena – 0L (lucky board)
  • Scarf: Mr.Poet – Wide Scarf, color changeable – 0L
  • Coat: Fir & MNA – Duffle Coat – former hunt item
  • Sweater: Young Urban [YU] – Lloyd sweater – past hunt item
  • Skirt: e! – Bronx skirt in blue – 95L
  • Shopping bag: Cariocca – Recycle bag – 0L (but damned if I can find it…)
  • Leggings: BRB – Cold Fawn – past hunt item
  • Boots: G.Field (*GF*) – Emma short belt boots in brown – 180L
  • Location: London

Color indicates item still available at this price as of posting.

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