Sheep and rain and such.

The Back Story.

My white went through several permutations this week (52 Weeks of Color). I came up with some quite suitable looks, but was not feeling inspired by any of them. One little number I pulled out of the back depths of my closet was promising, but it was tres circa 1959, and I did vintage from that late 1950s/early 1960s last week (Never on Sunday). I want to keep things mixed up as much as possible. All Mad Men all the time makes the whole thing a little flat. That said, I’ll follow this post up with that other look, just because.

As frequently happens, it’s the location that ends up rocking my aesthetic boat more than, or at least as much, as the togs. I’ve taken some shots at Empress & Hierophant before, but not using the interiors there.

The general look is inspired by a shot of Evan Rachel Wood in the March Vogue (U.S.). I don’t know Evan Rachel Wood from a hole in the ground, but I dug the styling here. My interpretation has that vintage thing going on, too, with an obvious reference to the post-War period giving a nod back to the 1930s with a dash of the 1910s. Edwardian meets Depression meets New Look. Nice.

The Goods.

  • Hair: D!va – Akane – 0L (group gift)
  • Skin: Tuli – Zoe – Timeless Treasures Hunt item (hunt ended)
  • Pipe: sur+ – Bonaparte Sexy Pipe – past hunt item
  • Necklace: Butterfly EffectZ (**BE**) – Monaco Necklace (recolored and retextured) – 0L Diamond is Mine hunt item (until 04/11/2011)
  • Dress w/hat: Sonatta Morales – *8* Nile – 200L (sooooper bargain for a Morales item, peeps!)
  • Bracelet:  Steam4 Hunt Gear – Choker & Bracelet – 0L (hunt item #000 until 03/31/2011)
  • Shoes: Baby Monkey – Donna Pump in Latte – 0L (past gift)
  • Location: Empress & Heirophant

Color indicates item still available at this price as of post.

9 thoughts on “Sheep and rain and such.

  1. I adore the lighting in the first pictures and the sheep are so adorable. Also much kudos for the actual historical references. Much love~

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