[location: inaka]

The Back Story.
Last challenge (the periwinkle one) I predicted everybody would be blogging the same dress I did. I think I only saw one other, so there you are – I was wrong. But I bet I’m not wrong this time….

I have another outfit that could have worked for this challenge, and I’ll prolly blog it, too. But we’ll call this my ‘official’ entry.

The Goods.

  • Hair: Milana – Olive – 0L (group gift)
  • Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. – Abigail – 0L (lucky board)
  • Makeup: Kyoot @ Kozmetika – Cateye 1 in Fever4 + Rozena – Breezy Eyeshadow/Orange – past hunt item + Rozena – molan molan lip in “orange road” – past hunt item + The Plastik – Ataciara-Melody-Retro Chic body freckles makeup – 0L (Taste of the 50s hunt item – look for bird beaching a record)
  • Glasses: Deco – Swank glasses – past hunt item
  • Necklace (pearls): Bellies – White Small Beads – 10L (gatcha item)
  • Necklace: Elate! – Silver Pocket Watch – (former hunt item)
  • Jacket: ][Awram-Viie][ – Navy Stripe – 1L
  • Dress: Stilecht – Retro Dress – 0L (Taste of the 50s hunt item)
  • Sock: Bad at Croquet – Suspenders socks – 0L (group gift)
  • Shoes: Baby Monkey – Hi-Top Sneakers in plaid – 50L for color changeable pack

When bunnies fly.

[location: picnic, slow]

The Back Story.

I just wanted to use this helmet. And this sim. And that’s about all there is to it. I came *this* close to putting on an awful freebie wedding dress from a “Royal Wedding” sim, ’cause, you know, it was there and all that, but I passed.

The Goods.

  • Hair – Dura – Goemon, “strawberry” – past hunt item
  • Helmet: Deco – Easter War Bonnet – 0L (group gift)
  • Skin: Pinkinnik (Mamboo Chic?) – Yoko – past gift
  • Makeup: La Malvada Mujer – Cinema Muto #1 +  Rozena – molan mlan lip in “vitamin” – past hunt item + Kosh – metallic eyeshadow in “gold” – past hunt item
  • Jacket: Lemon Ginger – Be Strong Now unisex jacket – 14L
  • Romper: House of Hucci – Spring Romper in “gold” – 0L (group gift)
  • Shoes: Andel! – Sparkle Flats – 0L (opening gift)

Going pantless.

The Back Story.

Cindy Crawford wears no pants on the cover Vogue, Mexico. Apparently it’s a “trend.” ok. I’ll go with it.

The Goods.

  • Hair: Tiny Bird – Wild Horses in “deep black” – 100L (closing sale)
  • Makeup: Tuli – Sayuri
  • Makeup: Esk-imo – Red Japan – past fund raiser
  • Earrings: EMO-tions – Glitter – past hunt prize
  • Jacket: Phoenix Rising – Vanilla Kiss (part of outfit) – 0L
  • Top: Coco – Shirred Tube Dress – 0L (group gift)
  • Hot Pants: LeeZu – Glitter Pants – past hunt item
  • Shoes: Sweeter Than Candy – Maxie Pump – past group gift

Periwinkle, of course.

Location: embryo [un jour]

The Back Story.

When Luna Jubilee gave us the heads up about this week’s challenge last week, she forgot to change the name of the color; there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the thought of another round of eggplant, and what an anemic looking eggplant it was. But I knew she meant periwinkle. Of course she did. A few days later she fixed the boo-boo, and it is… wait for it… periwinkle!

I was well under way with this one by that time. I had this “Marilyn” dress from an Icing lucky board this past winter sitting in my closet doing nothing but collecting the odor of mothballs. Out it came into the fresh air of spring. I just couldn’t decide upon the accessories, so I give you two versions, both quite romantic, but varying in their exuberance for the season. I predict there will be a lot of versions of this piece coming at us this week. That lucky board was a major clusterf^@k, to say nothing of fug fest (I’m a big fan of the fugly in SL, so don’t get me wrong here).

The Goods.


Location: Un Jour

The Goods.

  • Hair: Tiny Bird – Wild Horses in “true black” – 100L (closing sale)
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Sakura – former fund raiser
  • Makeup: Pididdle – Forever Fresh – 0L (Seasons hunt item) + Cheap Makeup – Spring Colors 2 – 0L (Seasons Hunt item) + Glamorize – Fabulosity Lips in “nude pink” – 20L
  • Jacket: Bounce – Bolero in “red” – former gift
  • Top: Jane – Intrinsic Tanks in “honey” – 0L
  • Necklace: Happy Finds – Living Forever is Leafing – past gift
  • Pantaloons: BRB – Spritzy Pantzy – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Shoes: Luce – Leather Pumps in “red” – past lucky board
  • Location: Un Jour, Le Calmant House & Tree (can be purchased)

Dirty Girl.

Location: la galerie.

The Back Story.

A while back, blogger Mackenzie Irling (Rummagings) posted a challenge to the SL fashion play blog-o-sphere, called Bloggers We Love. The idea was to get bloggers to ask a favorite blogger to blog with them for a week in one great blogging orgy love fest. I had barely started with this whole thing at that time,  nobody knew me from Adam, and I barely knew a ‘smudge’ from a ‘Gaussian blur’ in Photoshop. Like, I was going to ask some fashion play hot shot to blog with me… not, says Wayne.

I don’t think I’d have the gumption to do it now, either, but Aubergine Surgarplum is in the top cluster of my watch list with her site, Au revoir aubergines. Her styling is wacky and clever. She’s adept at taking bits and pieces of various garments, accessories, props and whatever else she finds, and working them into coherent ensembles. Every time I look at a new post, I sit here chewing on my pinky nail and thinking, “How the heck did she come up with that idea…?”

And then there’s her composition and editing skills. They are absolutely killer. She didn’t hatch from the egg that way, of course. Going back to her earliest entries, one can see the evolution of her technique in her SL oeuvre (I do love making all this sound like a grand, intellectual exercise, and I think one can make the argument that it is, at the risk of sounding like a bubble-headed prat to one segment of humanity and a pretentious one to the rest).

Anyway, back to me, I decided to play around with some shots using mostly things picked up at the latest Seasons Hunt clusterf&%k (it was crazy in there, folks, but the group chat was entertaining), and with Aubergine as inspiration, right down to shooting at a location she used. I have a long way to go, and there are certain elements of her style that I’ll probably not pick up and embrace as my own. I appreciate the Mooqla doll, ‘ugly chic’ anti-aesthetic as a form of style politics; a rejection of dull ‘prettiness’, and a ridiculing of bodily ‘perfection’ through the distortions of the pelvic floor, the bowed legs, the pigeon-toed large feet. I like getting some flaws into my avatar — no sculpted glamazon look for me, thank you very much — but I’m too aesthetically wedded to (dependent upon?) plain old ‘prettiness’ to take my play there. But kudos to Aubergine for doing the look with such creativeness and technical skill.  There’s a lot of that horse-shoe pelvis, pouty girl stuff on the grid these days, but I wouldn’t give most of it much praise.

So, yeah. Here’s me trying my hand at more or less the look and feel of one of my favorite fashion play bloggers. My computer just can’t handle the viewers that do shadows well, alas, so I’m limited in the technology, in addition to the raw skill set.

The Goods.

  • Hair: Plume – Spring in “soil” – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Devon – former hunt item
  • Makeup (dirt): Miss Shippe’s – Digging in the Dirt – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Top: SMS – Satin Flower in “peach” – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Skirt: Fall Into Decay – Spring skirt – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Hip Bag: Bukka – Leather Bag – 0L (group gift)
  • Bird’s Nest w/ pose: Tiny Bird – Sky Might Fall (eggs recolored) – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Flowers (on arms): Long Awkward Pose (LAP) – Spring Alive – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Pipe: Quazar Panthar (QP) – Apple Pipe, sand blast finish – 50L


52 Weeks – Eggplant

The Back Story.

Eggplant. Aubergine. One my nephew will eat, and the other he won’t. ::rolls eyes:: I’ll take it either way, thank you.

The Goods.

  • Hair: Bliss – Raine in “caviar” – 0L (group gift)
  • Hair Ornament: Kosh – Black Cherry Twig – 0L gift
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Oyat – 0L (Lucky board)
  • Sweater: This is Fawn – Slub Know Cardigan in “icy purple” – former hint item
  • Top: Crazy – Bab in “green” – 0L
  • Capris: {MV} – Purple Dotted Jeans – 50L
  • Shoes: 50 Flats – Flower Motive – 0L (gift)
  • Location: Wanderstill