Periwinkle, of course.

Location: embryo [un jour]

The Back Story.

When Luna Jubilee gave us the heads up about this week’s challenge last week, she forgot to change the name of the color; there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the thought of another round of eggplant, and what an anemic looking eggplant it was. But I knew she meant periwinkle. Of course she did. A few days later she fixed the boo-boo, and it is… wait for it… periwinkle!

I was well under way with this one by that time. I had this “Marilyn” dress from an Icing lucky board this past winter sitting in my closet doing nothing but collecting the odor of mothballs. Out it came into the fresh air of spring. I just couldn’t decide upon the accessories, so I give you two versions, both quite romantic, but varying in their exuberance for the season. I predict there will be a lot of versions of this piece coming at us this week. That lucky board was a major clusterf^@k, to say nothing of fug fest (I’m a big fan of the fugly in SL, so don’t get me wrong here).

The Goods.

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