Baggy pants and all.

[location: Tram/Fall Into Decay @ Camomile]

The Back Story.

Normally, I’m not one for the pants-falling-down-around-mid-thigh look in SL. I’m frankly confused by it. It makes me suspect that the fashion designers are all sheltered 50 year olds who once heard back in 1998 that the pants-falling-down look was da bomb, boi-yeah, and they haven’t quite figured out that we’re 13 years down the road. It’d be like a designer trying to push the 1920 flapper look in the height of the Depression era 1930s.

I’m with Simon Doonan, who is hoping beyond hope that Catherine Middleton has ushered in the end of porno chic. He’s talking about RL, and despite the fact that SL time is completely truncated like a dog’s life, SL trenders, designers and fashion dolls all seem to be laggy behind the times something chronic. SL is like a bad Euro-pop musical variety show – stuck in a schlocky, tacky hell first hit upon somewhere about 1987, where the more pelvic floor and boobage you can show, the better. SL is the Benny Hill show, but totally taking itself seriously.

My bitching and moaning aside, I thought maybe I could do something with these NV Mad World plaid plus fours, because other than the ridiculously low-slung fit, they’re pretty groovy. I found a t-shirt and suspender set made for the dudes by *X*plosion, but it does the trick and deals with the buttocks exposure. Paired with a sloppy coral sweater from Pig, shockingly picked up the that ol’ Free Dove, I was feeling quite the hipster.

The Goods.

  • Hair: !lamb – DIY haircut – past fifty L Friday item
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s -Devon – past hunt item
  • Bracelet: Earthstones – Signature Stone Bracelet – 0L @ the Free Dove
  • Top w/suspenders: *X*plosion – StreetStyle Shirt – 0L (group gift)
  • Sweater: Pig – Ladies Like Fowers in “coral” – 0L @ the Free Dove
  • Plus fours: NV Madworld – Tartan Baggy – 0L (Where is… hunt item)
  • Shoes: Roly-Poly – Jelly Beans in “yellow” – 0L (gift)

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