All that jazz.

[location: new toulouse] [52 weeks of color challenge]

The Back Story.
This color is what I call close enough for a galloping horse. That’s an old theater costumer phrase that means a costume looks good enough to pass for authentic when seen on someone galloping across the screen, if you know what I mean.




This ridiculous little stub of a ciggie with the crazy, Mohawked flamingo is my latest favorite smoke. I think it’s just about everybody’s latest favorite smoke. This little dude is all over the virtual place.

The Goods.

  • Hair: WAKE & Yuki (W & Y) – New 170 – past Hair Fair item
  • Skin: Mamboo Chic – Julia – 0L (gift))
  • Makeup (lips): M.O.C.K. – Magenta Lip Creme – 1L (FTLO hunt item)
  • Dress: Paris Metro – Paris at Night – past gift
  • Cigarette: EY:NO – Smoking Flamingo – 0L (opening gift)

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