An evening with Etoile, II

[location: imparafacile/the magic flute]

The Back Story.

World’s End Garden still has this and other dresses out as gift items, I think. Not bad for no monies. I’m missing something at the Magic Flute installation (my location). Not something technical, mind you; I’m just not quite getting it. But I never claimed to have all that much Mozart knowledge, so there you are. Still, whether or not I ‘get’ it, it’s working as a photo location, and that’s just about all I ask of an SL sim these days.



I am not crazy about my head shot here. I look a little too ‘Soul’s Awakening‘ for my taste.

The Goods.

  • Hair: Wildo – M2/01 – store closed
  • Cigarette – Bubblez – Cigarette dirty – formerly part of LH Artists outfit gift
  • Skin: My Ugly Dorothy – February group gift
  • Dress w/hat & necklace: Worlds End Garden – Romance Le Noir – group gift
  • Shoes: Giereh – Victoria pumps in zebra – past gift

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