Feeling peachy.

[location: la città perdu]

The Back Story.

This is a kid skin, obviously not on a kid shape. Worked out fine, but a little too youthful (and too blond) to get much regular use from Etoile. I’m not sure what the whites spots on the cheek are all about, either. I’ve seen these as a makeup option on a number of skins, and assume it must be a reference to something (as most things are).



The Goods.

  • Hair: D!va ~ Maya in rhodolite ~ past group gift
  • Skin: Mynerva ~ Little Milena ~ group gift (50L fee to join)
  • Necklace: Happy Finds (Annoying Japanese Children group) ~ Kicken ~ group gift
  • Dress: Priss ~ Blomqvist Dress in coral ~ group gift
  • Briefcase: Priss ~ Lang suede stachel ~ past hunt item
  • Boots: Coco ~ Suede Boots ~ group gift

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