The rains are back.

[location ~ yome shoujo]

The Back Story.

It’s that time of year. The insomnia. The playing around at 4 in the morning in abandoned shops. Nothing new here, really, because I’ve been gone so long, but there you are.

The Goods.

  • hair ~ tiny bird ~ wild horses ~ store closed
  • skin ~ my ugly dorothy ~ july group gift
  • makeup ~ boom ~ love my eyes liner & mascara, sparse
  • eyes ~ rozena ~ coffee & caramel ~ black coffee
  • necklace ~ happy finds ~ dark owl – store closed
  • dress ~ michami ~ hedda leather dress in wine – past dressing room item
  • stockings ~ wwi ~ army girl garters in charcoal ~ store closed?
  • shoes ~ periquita ~ mary squares ~ store closed
  • pose ~ diesel works ~ olyvia set ~ group gift

I can haz Sea Hole

[location: humanoid]

The Back Story.

I popped in world last night thinking about doing nothing in particular except maybe fixing a bad job I had done on a previous post. But then I heard this chatter. Something about some  kind of insane blow out at the Sea Hole? Stuff for the cheaps? A thousand little SL voices all chiming in at once about miracles and surprises and one great splendiferous gas at one great splendiferous gas of a store?

Okay. Sign me up. So off I went to see what all the noise and hubbub was about. Yes, there is one item in each of the collections that’s being offered for 50L, which ain’t bad for some cleverly designed stuff. My one disappointment was in the color choices for the sale items. I was so ready to plunk down Ls for versions in yellows and reds and oranges, but everything offered at that price was more in the black, grey and lilac family. That’s all well and good, mind you, but when you’re hankering for a rich orange, the traditional half-mourning color of lilac just doesn’t quite  cut it.


Know what I’m sayin’?

Still, a good dress is a good dress. And I am soooo pleased to be bringing to the feeds this much needed respite from the maddening inundation of virtual “whore” aesthetics….

::please don’t kill me for saying that::


The Goods.

  • Hair: D!va ~ D!va2 in black amber ~ group gift
  • Skin: Sunny Soon Su Skin (S4) ~ DevonAoki ~ past group gift. Apparently this place doesn’t exist anymore in world. Things are beginning to look like my local strip mall around here. Is the end nigh?
  • Eye Makeup: mock ~ Dark Purple Winterberry ~ hunt item
  • Lips: Rozena ~ Molan Molan, vitamin ~ past hunt item, I think
  • Dress: The Sea Hole ~ Studded Chiffon Dress in noir ~ 50L sale
  • Tights: Jane ~ lil piggy tights fuzzy in cream ~ group gift
  • Shoes: Duh! ~ Silk Floral Booties ~ past hunt item or group gift or sale item or something like that.
  • Texture Overlays: Stewart Black ~ texture 1 cf ~ Flickr set

Liver Noir.

[location: 1920s Berlin Project] [42/52 weeks of color]

The Back Story.
I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go with this from the start. Veering rather drastically off from the direction of my last challenge response, this “liver” color pulled me into the sepia-toned world of the 1930’s with a strong nod to the film noir era to come. No happy day-glo here, folks. This is Berlin, circa 1930, and happy, happy, joy, joy ist einfach nicht in ordnung.

I love this aesthetic, though. This is far more me than the festive colors we’ve been having lately. I decided to add just a little popette of color in the yellow shoes with red soles and the yellow beads. A nice Liz Arden red or a rich coral would work particularly well, too, but I liked the hint of jaundice suggested by the yellow.

The sim is one of my favs, the 1920s Berlin Project. Put on your era-appropriate duds and head over there for a look-see. It struck the right tone for the direction I decided to go this week.




The Goods.

  • Hair: Magika – Maya
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Telcy – past Poupee Hunt item
  • Makeup: *Boom* @ Kozmetika – Love My Eyes liner & mascara
  • Hat: sur+ – Nairobi Hat – past Culture Shock item – store closed in world
  • Dress: sur+ – Vojeto – past Culture Shock item – store closed in world
  • Necklaces: [EY:NO] – Wooden Bow – 0L (group gift) + Bellies – Yellow Bead – gatcha item
  • Pipe: Quazar Panthar (QP) – Clay pipe (Meerschaum) – 50L
  • Shoes: Fab Joss (FJ) – Shoes gift – 0L (group gift)

Dirty Girl.

Location: la galerie.

The Back Story.

A while back, blogger Mackenzie Irling (Rummagings) posted a challenge to the SL fashion play blog-o-sphere, called Bloggers We Love. The idea was to get bloggers to ask a favorite blogger to blog with them for a week in one great blogging orgy love fest. I had barely started with this whole thing at that time,  nobody knew me from Adam, and I barely knew a ‘smudge’ from a ‘Gaussian blur’ in Photoshop. Like, I was going to ask some fashion play hot shot to blog with me… not, says Wayne.

I don’t think I’d have the gumption to do it now, either, but Aubergine Surgarplum is in the top cluster of my watch list with her site, Au revoir aubergines. Her styling is wacky and clever. She’s adept at taking bits and pieces of various garments, accessories, props and whatever else she finds, and working them into coherent ensembles. Every time I look at a new post, I sit here chewing on my pinky nail and thinking, “How the heck did she come up with that idea…?”

And then there’s her composition and editing skills. They are absolutely killer. She didn’t hatch from the egg that way, of course. Going back to her earliest entries, one can see the evolution of her technique in her SL oeuvre (I do love making all this sound like a grand, intellectual exercise, and I think one can make the argument that it is, at the risk of sounding like a bubble-headed prat to one segment of humanity and a pretentious one to the rest).

Anyway, back to me, I decided to play around with some shots using mostly things picked up at the latest Seasons Hunt clusterf&%k (it was crazy in there, folks, but the group chat was entertaining), and with Aubergine as inspiration, right down to shooting at a location she used. I have a long way to go, and there are certain elements of her style that I’ll probably not pick up and embrace as my own. I appreciate the Mooqla doll, ‘ugly chic’ anti-aesthetic as a form of style politics; a rejection of dull ‘prettiness’, and a ridiculing of bodily ‘perfection’ through the distortions of the pelvic floor, the bowed legs, the pigeon-toed large feet. I like getting some flaws into my avatar — no sculpted glamazon look for me, thank you very much — but I’m too aesthetically wedded to (dependent upon?) plain old ‘prettiness’ to take my play there. But kudos to Aubergine for doing the look with such creativeness and technical skill.  There’s a lot of that horse-shoe pelvis, pouty girl stuff on the grid these days, but I wouldn’t give most of it much praise.

So, yeah. Here’s me trying my hand at more or less the look and feel of one of my favorite fashion play bloggers. My computer just can’t handle the viewers that do shadows well, alas, so I’m limited in the technology, in addition to the raw skill set.

The Goods.

  • Hair: Plume – Spring in “soil” – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Devon – former hunt item
  • Makeup (dirt): Miss Shippe’s – Digging in the Dirt – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Top: SMS – Satin Flower in “peach” – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Skirt: Fall Into Decay – Spring skirt – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Hip Bag: Bukka – Leather Bag – 0L (group gift)
  • Bird’s Nest w/ pose: Tiny Bird – Sky Might Fall (eggs recolored) – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Flowers (on arms): Long Awkward Pose (LAP) – Spring Alive – 0L (Seasons Hunt item)
  • Pipe: Quazar Panthar (QP) – Apple Pipe, sand blast finish – 50L

Emerald, Part II

Emerald suggested.

It’s my first stab at the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, so my enthusiasm got the best of me. Next time, I’ll keep it down to one (famous last words…). This number obviously has a lot more going on than emerald, and like all the colors, there is room for debate about whether or not “emerald” is really in this mix. But squint, and you’ll see it.

*The socks are worn over the leggings, thereby giving me that specific color. I do that with these super cheap Piece of Candy pieces a lot; get a bunch and you can double or triple your color fun. How groovy is that?

Emerald – 52 Weeks of Color

She be green

Inspired by Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, I’m throwing my hat into the ring for the first time at lucky number 13 – Week 13, that is. Emerald is the word (01/29 – 02/04). This little number here is tres vert (blindingly green), no matter what name you give it. It’s really old, too. I can’t remember when the heck I picked it up, but it was eons ago, as time is reckoned in Second Life, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and all that. Blaze still exists, of course, but I couldn’t tell you if you can still get this particular suit or how much it might be.

The scarf action going on at the neck is a piece from a *Latte* beige sweater that I messed around with until it was a passable shade of green. I applied the same trick to the (originally black) ][AV][ shoulder bag. Not sure I’ll kill quite so much time doing that sort of thing again.