Playing in the land of candy and donuts.

[location: pals meadow]

The Back Story.

It’s spring. Time to break out the fluffy, ethereal stuff.


The Goods.

  • Hair: WAKA & Yuki (W&Y) ~ Free5 ~ store gift
  • Skin: Curio ~ Jasmine, swan, frex, dark, pure-2
  • Makeup: La Malvada Mujer ~ Cinema Muto #1 eyes
  • Top: Jane ~ Needful things romper in eggshell ~ group gift
  • Earrings: PM [Pixel Mode] ~ Pearl earing ~ past group gift
  • Necklaces: *+*IJLL*+* (Jill by Jill Lemon) ~ Pearl necklace long + short + Pearl necklace ribbon ~ past opening group gift, but can’t find in world or marketplace store… there is an in world group, though.
  • Skirt: +:::+Natural+:::+ ~ Flottant white skirt
  • Stockings: League ~ Gartered Socks in off white
  • Shoes: Crickets ~ C-boot, part of Lara outfit ~ group gift

An evening with Etoile, III

WEG burlesque
[location: imparafacile/the magic flute]

The Back Story.

One more time with the Worlds End Garden and the Magic Flute and the Evening with Fabulous Moi theme.

The Goods.

  • Hair: Bliss – Ranie in caviar – past group gift
  • Feathers: Phoenix Rising – part of mix box – 0L? cheap, anyway…
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Jamill-II – lucky board item
  • Makeup: La Malvada Mujer – Cinema Muto #1 (lips)
  • Cigarette: Bubblez – Cigarette dirty – formerly part of LH Artists outfit gift
  • Necklace: Gallery Fumiwo – past Fashion Fair gift
  • Corset: Worlds End Garden – Romance Le Noir – group gift
  • Gloves: Elegante – part of Gold Rush ensemble – past hunt item… unsure of current location… may not exist anymore.
  • Stockings: WWI – Army Girl Garters in jet black
  • Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui – Nostalgia pumps – past hunt item?

I chose.

[location: you choose]

The Back Story.

Not all art installations on SL are all that interesting, but You Choose has some engaging visuals and is worth a peek. The busy, officious worker robots are charming.

So is this group gift mesh dress from Nectar, combo-ed here with a pair of tights Jane’s handy-dandy lil piggy collection and my [squee] favorite gartered socks action, these from a group gift outfit from Crickets.

Apparently there’s a WomenStuff Hunt version of the dress, too, that one more of a peachy color, but I could not find the little red t-shirt hunt item for neither love nor money… or more accurately, just wandering around and lurking on other hunters in the hopes they would show they way. I guess I could look up the hints, or something. Lazy.



The Goods.

  • Hair: D!va – Marie, Type B in onyx – group gift
  • Headpiece: +:::+Natural+:::+ – Head_Luce
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Jamil – lucky board
  • Makeup (lips): La Malvada Mujer – Cinema Muto #1 over  Glam Affair – Nina 02
  • Dress: Nectar [N!] – Mesh Tube Dress, Roses – group gift
  • Tights: Jane – lil piggy tights fuzzy in ochre – group gift
  • Gartered socks: Crickets – C-gartered socks, part of Lara outfit – group gift
  • Boots: Crickets – C-boot, part of Lara outfit – group gift

Rebel Ruby.

[location: s.i.c.49]
[52 weeks challenge post]

The Back Story.

This is not a usual sort of look for me. I picked up this Loli-esque ensemble at Katat0nik some ages ago, when I was momentarily flirting with the aesthetic. Ages ago means back in something like October 2010. Eons, man… dinosaur times, B.B. (Before Blog era, or at least my blog era). Back then and for the preceding eons, I just wandered around the grid trying to find  myself. I even toyed with the persona of a red-headed flapper and burlesque dancer. That was amusing for a while, and I was a better than average emoter, managing to avoid standard Etoile Fisseux runs her hands down her sensuous, sweaty body purple prose, but it just wasn’t me. I dig the Lost Generation nostalgia of that scene, but I’m better as the brooding writer skulking off to be alone in a corner at a cocktail party. I just happen to like playing with clothes more than is usual for that stock character.

My flirtation with the Loli/Goth Loli thing could never have been more than that. That scene is way too draconian in its demands for sartorial purity. The girls are cutthroat, despite the over-the-top sweetness of the look. If presented with this little dress now, I would probably give it a miss. But there it was in my closet shouting, “I’m ruby, bay-bee!” Yes, dear. You are that.

There is one new bit going on here, though; I have to give a shout out to Saffron Foxclaw for reminding me that Worldwide Industries had these gartered socks (more stockings in this case, but whatev) among their goods. Due to some recent commentary on a flickr group to which we both belong, it is now widely known that gartered socks make me squeal. They are my trend vice. I will probably be pulling them out well past the point of trend, when people start taking in-world snap shots of me to post on SL fugly sites with comments like, “That is sooo 2010.”

Worldwide Industries…  love the vague, smokestack imagery of a multinational global mega corporation for a little SL dolly-dress-up clothes shop. Here I am, facing off the robot warriors of the globalized post-apocalypse, brought to you by strong-jawed Capitalism.

The Goods.

Pink. Even the name is cute =^.^=

[location: “secret room” @ +:::+natural+:::+ – look for the little door]

The Back Story.

I didn’t run screaming at the thought of pink. I rather like it, although I am awfully tired of way it is used to symbolically “honor” women and “show we care” about them. Slap on a pink glow necklace, and there you go, steroidal baseball guy… proof that you “honor” your mother. What more would you ever need to do? Think of women as equal? Not relegate any woman who isn’t a mother to a lower status? Stop it with all the symbolic “honoring,” and let go of your desperate death clutch on the meaningless reigns of patriarchal power?

Nyah… why would anyone want to do that when merchandisers can just sell folks a bunch of pink crap, and it’s all good? “I honor women… see… I’m wearing pink!” ‘kay, ‘kay, ‘kay, whatever.

Evidently, I have something of a love/hate relationship with pink. Its feminized symbolic construction bugs me. At the same time, girly pink is really appealing. At the same time, it’s such a trivialized color, and thus symbolically trivializes and marginalizes women, and I hate that. And what do I go and do for this challenge? I went total femmie-girly-girly.

It’s complicated, as they say.

The Goods.

  • Hair: Milana – Olive – 0L (group gift)
  • Skin: Al Vulo – Elena Huntress – 0L (Where is… Hunt item)
  • Eyes: Letituer – Dark Brown – 30L
  • Makeup: Damned – Eyes make up in “pink” – 0L (Where is… Hunt item)
  • Necklace: Curious Kitties – Peaceful Sakura Choker in “red” – 0L @ marketplace
  • Dress: Tiny Bird – Painted Flower Dress in “pink” – store closed, but some items still available @ the marketplace
  • Socks: Pig – Duotone Socks mit Suspenders in “sherbet” – 0L (gift)
  • Shoes: Ding – 50 Flats, “pink textured” – 0L (group gift)

Missing Japan Fashion Week.


The Back Story.

Not surprisingly, Japan Fashion Week has been canceled. Going by what Japanese designers were showing on the runway in Paris earlier this month, we wouldn’t prognosticate a bunch of nods to Japanese traditionalism, but there were a few hints of it, as well as obvious tips o’ the sugegasa to Japan’s biggest street style import of late, the Loli/Goth Loli sartorial obsession.

So here’s my homage to our buddies on the other side of the lake. And peeps, if you, like me, are always a little hesitant to spend perfectly good real money on pixels, just think of it as a drop in the bucket for a worthy cause.



The Goods.

Both looks –

Skirt outfit –

  • Jacket: Aoharu – No Collar, red – 50L (fund raiser at The Fashion Garret)
  • Top: [label mode] – pray for Japan Charity shirt – 30L (fund raiser at The Fashion Garret)
  • Skirt: couverture – A/W Skirt – 0L (group gift)
  • Socks: Pig – Socks Mit Suspenders in Fire Engine Red – 0L (store gift)
  • Shoes: Baby Monkey – Molly Flats – 10L

Haori outfit –

  • Haori: Pop Feel – Rin Modern Haori – 0L (group gift)
  • Panties: katat0nik – Skull Ruffle Panties – 50L for set
  • Socks: Pig – Duotone Sock Mit Suspenders – 0L
  • Shoes: SF Design – Leopard print, color change heels – 0L

Color indicate item still at this price as of posting.

Location: Japanese Dream

Umber and gartered socks repeat… I told you so.

52 Weeks - Umber
52 Weeks of Color – Umber.

The Back Story.

I said I would be blogging these League socks again, and I am a woman of my word. Hang in there, Mayala Loon. No dandy-girl trend lasts forever.

This week I’m hanging out at the archeological dig at Çatalhöyük in central Anatolia (Turkey), run by UC Berkley’s Department of Anthropology on Okapi Island. Go check it out and dig the intersection of fashion and edumacation, y’all.

I also blogged recently about the Rochas show during the Paris Fashion Week, zeroing in on the use of the Karzai hat by that house for its Fall 2011 line. SL designers, you folks can get on that one anytime now. I’m just way too lame at this texture game to be able to go it on my own.

52 Weeks - Umber

The Goods.

  • Hair: D!va – Akane – 0L (group gift)
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Devon – (former hunt item)
  • Hat: Profanity Inc – Garrison Cap – 55L
  • Cigarette: Bubblez Design – Cigarette-Dirty – (group gift, formerly part of Artist outfit for men)
  • Choker & Bracelet (left wrist): Steam4 Hunt Gear – Choker & Bracelet – 0L (hunt item #000)
  • Necklace: Elate! – Silver Pocket Watch – (former hunt item)
  • Bracelet (right wrist): The Sea Hole – Drinky Essentials – 0L (group gift)
  • Top: Diapop – Notice Me – (former group gift)
  • Skirt: Miel – Raider Dress – (former group gift)
  • Socks: League – Gartered Socks in ecru
  • Shoes: Baby Monkey – Hi-Top Sneakers in plaid – 50L for color changeable pack
  • Location: Çatalhöyük archeological site