An evening with Etoile.

An evening with Etoile
[location: imparafacile]

The Back Story.

I picked up some dresses at World’s End Garden some weeks ago, and have been looking for an excuse. This location (The Magic Flute at Imparafacile) was the geographic muse I’d been waiting for.



The Goods.

  • Hair: Wildo – M2/01 – store closed
  • Glasses – Christine’s – made by Christine Svenska, given as a gift.
  • Cigarette – Bubblez – Cigarette dirty – formerly part of LH Artists outfit gift
  • Skin: Mynerva – Sara Pure – group gift (fee to join)
  • Makeup: mock – Morada Otoro 1 – group gift
  • Dress: Worlds End Garden – Nicole – group gift

So, yeah.

[location: tulip, warrumbungles]

The Back Story.

Despite opposition from Catholic bishops, I’m taking charge of my reproductive emissions. Make somethin’ of it, Bish….


The Goods.

  • Hair: Wildo – M/04 – past sale item. Store now closed.
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s @ SGB – Prida III – 1L
  • Glasses: K_gs – Kumaki Glasses – gift
  • Parka: Arai – Nylon parka – past group gift
  • Top: Jane – Needful things romper in mahogany – group gift
  • Pants: Legal Insanity – wool jeans – WomenStuff hunt item
  • Boots: Coco – Suede Boots – group gift

Asparagus with a nice vinegrette.

52 Weeks – Asparagus with a premonition of next week.

The Back Story.

This time of year in Germany, Spargel is all the rage. That’s white asparagus, or really kind of a creamy colored asparagus. It’s cultivated in deep mounds, so it never gets sunlight, hence the lack of chlorophyll that would make it green. It’s delicious and delicate, without the slight bitterness of your more run-of-the-mill asparagus grown without shielding it like a nun in cloister.

I don’t know why I’m bringing this up, except to argue that I could have dressed in white this week, and called it asparagus. If you’re from the southern United States, you know that the color “asparagus” is the same as any cooked vegetable green – kind of olive-colored. Southerners traditionally cook their green vegetables to frickin’ death.

Whatev… I like my asparagus when it comes with a tinge of purple around the tip, because I like what aubergine and green do for each other.

The Goods.

  • Hair: Magika – Maya in cocoa – 49L
  • Skin: JeSyLiLo – Skin Fair Gift 3
  • Makeup: Les Petit Details (LpD) – Green Strong Kajal – 0L (group gift)
  • Glasses: Crie Style – Kabuki – 0L  @ the Marketplac
  • Jacket: S@bbia – Cotton Quilt Jacket – 0L (lucky board)
  • Top: Jane – Intrinsic Tank in celery – 0L
  • Brooch: Amaranthus Rose Branch – Zirconium Brooch – hunt item
  • Kerchief: Querida @ Wow Fashion – Silk Scarf in Light Sage 11L @ the Marketplace
  • Necklace: Silent Woods – Elva Kadhir – 0L @ the Marketplace
  • Skirt: Riddle – Wool Skirt in purple – 100L
  • Socks: LaViere – Basic Mid Calf in eggplant – 0L (opening gift) + This is a Fawn – Knit Knee Sock tattoo layer in aubergine – former hunt item
  • Boots: Fools Fate – Zipper Boot in green leather – former gacha bargain

The limits of fads.

boho garters
Come on, boys.

The Back Story.

I suspect that the style days of the retro menswear gartered socks have come and gone, but I will lay my reputation on the line by admitting that I love the look. Chickipoos, love it, love it, love it. I love it so much that I combo’ed it here with gartered stockings. How overkill is that?

You know, I try to keep up, and sometimes I’m a little behind the curve, simply because I just love sitting on the sidelines watching the curve arc gracefully through the air without any input from me. But I am also discriminating when it comes to deciding to mess about in that arc. For example, you will never, ev-ah see me in exposed breasts with electrical tape X’ed over the nipples. ne-VAH. Perhaps I’m inviting drama here, but come on, my peeps… It’s time to take the skank factor down a notch. Cover your cootch, pull up your drawers, and don’t mistake bits of tape – no matter how festively colored – for adequate décolletage covereage.


The Goods.