Catching the last of the snow, I suspect.

Last chance for snow play?
[location: outside bliensen + mai tai]

The Back Story.

I hit one of those cart sales tonight. Mostly there’s a lot of flotsam and jetsam, but every now and then I run across something, and then something else, and then another little tidbit here and there, and before you know it, I’ve cobbled together a pretty nifty little ensemble. I like digging through a pile of stuff and just randomly trying things on to see what works, eventually turning out something acceptable. It’s joy.


The Goods.


Late winter woolies.

[location: hoi polloi]

The Back Story.

There isn’t much of one, beyond me having so much loot from recent hunts, that I’m kinda of at a loss putting anything together.


The Goods.

  • Hair: Exile – Jane (with hat) – past gift or hunt item or something.
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s @ Sounds Gravis Beach (SGB) – SooMi – 1L
  • Necklace: Concrete Flowers – Varblane – past hunt hunt
  • Sweater: Jane – Cropped sweater – past group gift
  • Dress: Jazmyn D – Seasons Hunt Gift – yeah… what the name says… I think its the Seasons Palette hunt item, to be specific.
  • Stockings: WWI – Army Girl Garters in walnut
  • Shoes: Loordes of London – Asrid, Butters Gilded – group gift

Feeling all gray and cozy and stuff

[location: curio shop, new toulouse jardin]

The Back Story.

I seem to be stuck on gray. I’m also cold and feel like curling up with books in front of a fire or hanging out at some boho coffee shop being all boho and stuff.

And that’s about all there is to say about that.

winter bookworm
[location: epithet and synonym]

The Goods.

  • Hair: Wildo – M2/01 – 39L closing sale
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Devon – past hunt item
  • Glasses: Christine’s – I have no idea… some gal just gave me a pair when I admired the ones she was wearing. It was about a year ago. I can’t vouch for their authenticity, but I still love ’em.
  • Makeup: Boom – Love my eyes liner & mascara
  • Sweater: Alexohol – Dreamy Winter Sweater – New Year, New You hunt item
  • Jeans: Urban Gypsy Clothiers (UGc) – Sweater Weather – group gift
  • Shoes: Giereh – Victoria pumps – past group gift


I that all there is?

[location: Mother Goose’s]

Back Story.

Hey… long time no blog. That’s RL for ya, bay-bee. It inserts itself into the scheme of things, and there ain’t nuthin’ to be done about it.

So, I return from my hiatus to find things looking pretty much what they looked like before. New viewer version and all that, but the viewer is tweaked and modified so often that even fairly big changes seem like just another day. That Sims guy is head honcho, and brings more of a games perspective into the management. I’m curious how that will manifest itself in coming months.

SL drama still pops up, of course. Who knows what I’ve missed. Not being in and  amongst the die-hard SL glitterati and with relatively few “friends” I keep track of over the long haul, I tend to miss much of it. But I did catch wind of the so-called Alura Campaign controversy via Portia Capelo’s blog, in which she links to a blog entry of some model or something-or-other named Rusalka Callitso, who got her virtual underdrawers in a bunch over a marketing campaign for some new role-playing sim that features all sorts of opportunities to get our virtual naughty bits out. This R. Callisto persona wasn’t worked up over the sim — I mean, come on… yet another opportunity in SL to get virtually jiggy and mess up your real life relationships in the process…. ::shrug:: Whatev. No, the controversy was not make-believe hanky panky; it was the marketing campaign, itself, which featured salaciously suggestive stories about a slew of SL’s glitterati (avatars I presume we’re all supposed to know of like we know of the Kardashians, or more kindly, the Grimaldis or the Windsors) getting up to naughty things at some exclusive manor for the SL jet set, complete with more blatant (less suggestive) photographs of the same doing those things. It was on a blog that wasn’t — initially — tagged with an ‘adult content’ warning, and that, at the end of the day, is what bugged Ms. Callisto. I think.

Anyhoo…. I’ve gotten a few enjoyable minutes reading through the “discussion” posts following her little essay, but I do get the impression that it’s all much ado about not a whole heck of a lot, and I further get the impression that the initial complaint, as well as the wailing and gnashing in the discussion is much about the insular little virtual world of these people and their personal (and “professional”) rivalries as SL models and designers and others of that ilk, as it is about substantive issues. Anytime I feel like I want to be part of the virtually ‘in’ crowd, all I need to do is read those comments, to say nothing of Shopping Cart Disco’s SL Secrets. With my attitude, I’d be everybody’s favorite to pillory in a matter of moments.

I did a little free stuff searching when I came back in, of course. My RL hiatus has made me much more reluctant to spend real money on not real stuff, even if the money isn’t all that big in the grand scheme of things. I wasn’t especially keen on doing that from the get go, really. It’s bad enough that I ever throw time away on this little past time (see… that’s why I could never be a part of the ‘in’ crowd).

The Goods.

  • Hair: booN – IRK 178, in black – Group Gift
  • Hat: sf design – velvet and fur hat (with gloves worn) – Group gift
  • Skin: al vulo – nana – Group Gift
  • Dress: Vinyl Cafe – Red Ballerina Dress – Group Gift
  • Jacket: Vinyl Cafe – Military Jacket, black – okay… I did spend money… 1 whole L for a daily special
  • Stockings: WWI (Worldwide Industries) – Army Girl Garters, jet black
  • Shoes: Luce – Leather Pumps, red – past lucky board item

Prussian Blue, my darlings.

Prussian blue in London

The Back Story.

During London’s Fashion Week last month, The Sartorialist kept running into this gold and blue combo. It was noteworthy because of its pervasiveness and specificity. He wondered what name might be given that shade of blue. Oh come now, Mr. Schuman. That’s Prussian blue, don’t you know. He got some 450 or so reply comments, half of them calling “teal” on that critter. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. There were a few throwing their chips in with “petroleum” or “petrol blue,” but I say that’s just a new word for Prussian blue reflecting our early 21st century sensibilities and lived realities.

Prussian blue. Easy call. Pats on the head to all the respondents who got it right after the initial mad cries of “Teal!”

Later in Milan, hints of the schema could be seen poking through the Prada line, and in Paris, Hermes tried it on for size.

Here’s a go of the street version (as was seen doing its organic thing in London) for us kids in the cheap seats in Second Life.


The Goods.

  • Hair: Dura – Valentine’s Day Group Gift – 0L
  • Skin: Mother Goose’s – Hena – 0L (lucky board)
  • Scarf: Mr.Poet – Wide Scarf, color changeable – 0L
  • Coat: Fir & MNA – Duffle Coat – former hunt item
  • Sweater: Young Urban [YU] – Lloyd sweater – past hunt item
  • Skirt: e! – Bronx skirt in blue – 95L
  • Shopping bag: Cariocca – Recycle bag – 0L (but damned if I can find it…)
  • Leggings: BRB – Cold Fawn – past hunt item
  • Boots: G.Field (*GF*) – Emma short belt boots in brown – 180L
  • Location: London

Color indicates item still available at this price as of posting.

Asphalt Jungle.

Walking the mean streets.

The Back Story.

It’s been pretty cold in my neck fo the woods, and while I’m itching for spring, dressing for the frigid months is my favorite thing, and I know I’m going to miss it. I picked up so much booty this season, I’ll never get through it all.

Na ja. Really, I just wanted to take some photogs in this cool sim, Urban Ville. And the pipe, oh the pipe. Plus there was the incentive to try out some Windlight settings I downloaded from Strawberry Singh and Celebrity Trollop.

Not having any luck with the shadows bit on my Mac, as per S’berry’s tutorial, btw. When I get to the part where I’m supposed to select Rendering>Lighting & Shadows in the Develop menu, those items are shaded gray and I can’t select them. If anyone knows what the heck I’m talking about, whisper sweets nothings re. the trick I’m missing.




The Goods.

Beware the bunnies.

Testing out my flickr
This is fun and all, but it’s also a pain in the kazoo. Just trying to insert a photo from flickr has made me tear my hair out. It was straight forward enough on a blogspot blog I used to have, with photos saved to picasa, but I go to insert this picture’s flickr url in the field, and WordPress just give me a nasty ol’ red X: “Nope…. can’t do that, kiddo… sorry.”
But, I can post from flickr to the blog if I start at the flickr end and ‘share’ the picture using “Blog it’, so here it is. Not ideal, because it doesn’t have the same captioning feature, but it will do.